Sans Clue Hash in Saint Cloud

The Drinking Club with a Running Problem

The Sans Clue Hash meets every other (usually uneven weeks) Sunday at 14h00 (sun, « rain » or hurricane) in parks, forests, etc. around or inside Paris
Saturday hashes: PARIS H3 runs the other week from us at 14h00 and Fontainebleau « Fonty » H3 the same week at 11h30.

We also meet at a bar every Thursday at 19h00 for TNDC: Thursday Night Drinking Club (no run).

This group is meant for drinkers with running problems. We enjoy seeing the sights around and in Paris and running wildly where ever we get a chance. You are warned that some of our hashers may be dysfunctional and what happens on the hash sometimes is best left on the hash. If you think that you may enjoy the Sans Clue Hash then you should probably attend a run and come to enjoy the great Paris area!
Trails are A to A, i.e. start and finish point at the same place, unless specified otherwise A to B. There’s *usually* a bag drop. Trails are suitable for runners and walkers. All hashers, newcomers & visitors are welcome. Just show up with an open mind a good sense of humor and bring €10 for hash cash.

Next Run: Sans Clue Run #1043, Sunday 27th of October 2:00 PM, metro Malakoff Plateau de Vanves. More here:

Next TNDC:

Thursday Night 31 oct. 7:00 PM: Thursday Night Drinking Club – Marlusse et Lapin (75018). More here: