Sans Clue Hash in Saint Cloud

The Drinking Club With A Running Problem

A Hasher is a drinker with a running problem. On a Hash, we enjoy the sights Paris and its surroundings offer, while running together on a trail. Be warned, some Hashers are more rowdy than refined. And, what happens on the Hash, stays on the Hash.

So, if you’re considering joining, try out a weekend run or our weekly Thursday Night Drinking Club.

The Sans Clue Hash House Harriers (H3) runs every other Sunday at 14h00 (sun, rain or hurricane) in all terrain in and mostly around Paris.

There is also a Paris H3 run every other Saturday at 14h00 and Fontainebleau-based « Fonty » H3 the same week as Sans Clue Hash every other Saturday at 11h30.

We meet for drinks at a new bar we explore together Every Thursday, 19h00 for TNDC: Thursday Night Drinking Club.

Sans Clue Hash runs and TNDC details are updated on the « Run » and « TNDC » sections of this website and on MeetUp.

Some finer points: All Running Trails are accessible by public transport and can be A to A = Start/Finish point at same place, or, A to B = Start/Finish points at different places. Trails are suitable for runners & walkers. All Hashers, newcomers, visitors and other assorted wierdos are welcome.

Please bring €10 for food and drink, and just as important, a good sense of humor!