Sans Clue Hash in Saint Cloud

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Sans Clue R*n 1068

Sunday, August 1st, 2021 – at 2PM

La Celle Saint-Cloud

La Celle Saint-Cloud station. Look for chalk marks to find start.

For detailed travel instructions – see below (time advised above is start of trail).

Join us this Sunday, the very 1st of August 2021, cum outside of Paris and discover La Celle Saint-Cloud on a trail set by our trusty hare Slack!

There will be beer (on ice – nice and cold!!) so bring €5 hash cash. Eat beforehand (no bouffe this trail) and as always bring as many € as you think you’ll need for any on-after.

How to get there : Train « L » from Gare St Lazare. (SNCF, not RER). (Tip from Slack: I think train  « L » is way over on the right.

Best train to get (let’s see how many hashers we can get on one train…):

Departure time : 13.17 Direction : St Nom La Breteche, Five stops to La Celle Saint-Cloud, Arrival time : 13.42

NOTE : The next train is 30 minutes later. This means you will be very late for the start. 

The pack will NOT wait. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED !!! Just be on time. Huh ?

The ON OUT trail will be marked with double arrows for the late-c*mming w*nkers. 

Bag drop available – but not available for any late-c*mming w*nkers. 

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